OBJECTIVE: To work with an organization where my skills and creativity will be best utilized.


15 Years Administrative work, including working with database systems. 

15 Years photography work with large format, SLR and DSLR cameras. .

13 Years working with Photoshop

5 Years Photo retouching and editing.

1 Year working with Lightroom. 


• Retouch photos using Lightroom and Photoshop
• Edit, tone and upload photographs to websites and servers
• Correct color of imagery and removal of unwanted anomalies/objects using Photoshop

• Executed digital photography work flow: capturing, downloading, editing, printing, backup and cataloging
• Logistics of planning and scouting for shoot locations.
• Strong eye for style and trends in fashion.
• Proficient in DLSR, 35mm, Large format, color or black and white.

Administrative Skills

• Advanced understanding of    Microsoft Office Suite.

• Proficient on Mac and PC.

• Training of new employees.

• Proficient on Mac and PC. 

• Development of tracking systems to monitor progress and outcomes.

• Certified in LEAN.

• Proficient with schedules and organization.

Employment History

Administrator Coordinator  -  Oregon Health & Science University Sports Medicine

Capobianco Photography  -  Self Owned

PAS Specialist/Team Assistant -  Oregon Health & Science University

2012 - Present


2009 - 2012

                                              2009 - 2012


Bachelors of Arts - History/Political Science

Bachelors of Fine Arts -  Photography/Studio Arts

University of New Mexico - 2004-2005

University of New Mexico - 1998-2002